Monday, May 27, 2013

I am still in San Martin. But, Elder Solis left and a new Elder came in. Elder Amezcua. He is from Mexico and only speaks phrases of English that the missionaries have taught him and things he has learned from movies. For example, ´this sucks´and ´crap man´and i´ll be back´. haha it´s pretty funny. Elder Amezcua is a big dork, and it´s easy to have fun with him. I'm definitely a lot happier. Anyway, he finishes his mission in November. So he has been out for a good while. He is funny and we are having lots of fun. I´m going to try to send a picture of us but if you dont get it I´m sorry. The only problem I have with Elder Amezcua, is he is a dang good cook. He is always cooking Mexican food and it´s really good. Im going to be fat....=)
Other news, ever since Elder Amezcua got here, the work here has picked up. We have been teaching a lot better and everything. We have lots of dates for baptisms including 2 this week and 3 the next. Our main investigators are Allah Sandoval and Mauro Meza who will be baptized this weekend. (Both are youth 9 and 11 years old) and Daniela Sanchez, who will be baptized the next week. It´s been a lot better in San Martin now.
Also, yes. My back hurts a lot. I sent it to the doctor and he freaked out a little. The doctor is worried that if I fall or have an accident it will rupture. I just hope they can find a way to help me with it soon. the doctor said he thinks it´s really dangerous to have a back like mine and be out doing work all day. But, theres no chance of me coming home. The doctor that gave me the MRI told me to go lay down and not move for the next 3 months when she saw the results. Ha, but, we will see. No, mom, I'm not working out. Trust me, I want to so bad, but I can´t. It´s literally just that painful. I can hardly tie my shoes. My doctor sent it to Salt Lake City and I guess we are going to see what they say. You don´t have to worry. There´s not a chance that I will be leaving the mission. I won't make any big decisions until we have heard from everyone else too. The mission president has been in contact with me but for now that´s all that has happened. No physical therapy or help has come yet....
Ummm, for now I can´t think of that much else. Except, I was reading in 4Ne 1 15-16 and it reminded why I am here. It talks about when the Nephites were all living righteously and how there was never a happier people in the land. That´s the goal right? ha, so share the Gospel with your friends so we can all be happier! =)
That´s it for now I think...Oh! Send my package por favor. Make sure there is something spicy (cayenne powder) and good stuff in there. (tons of peanut butter and everything else I asked for) Thanks! =)

Elder Benson

Elder Amezcua

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