Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey mom!
I am kinda jealous that everyone is going to a United States mission. You have no idea how much I miss American food right about now. Peanut butter, ice cream, ah there are plenty of things. Especially cold milk. They don"t refrigerate their milk or eggs or cheese or anything that we would. I miss a lot of things there.
Yes, I did go get an MRI. And, first, let me say that it is very very very very different than getting in MRI in the United  States. First, you don´t need id. You don´t really need a reason or anything. If you have the money they will put you in the machine. Also, I dont have the results of the MRI yet. I am going to get them either tomorrow or Wednesday, so you are going to have to wait just a little bit longer. I´m going to guess that it was worse than before though because it hurts worse than before...ha
Also, I was talking to the zone leaders, and they said it only takes about a month for a package to come through during the argentina winter (or US summer) so you can definitely send a whole buttload of peanut now...if you want. And definitely tuna too...and maybe a bag of trail mix or nuts.
So, about our area. We have an 12 year old girl, Brisa, that is being baptized on Saturday. She is the oldest of 4 kids. Her parents aren´t married, and they haven´t been taking lessons. They heard she wanted to be baptized and decided to take the lessons. They now have decided to get married and be baptized. We dont have dates for them yet, but we are working with them.
Another investigator we have is Mauro. He is also 12, and a friend of Brisa that lives across the street...(or dirt..Im not sure I'd call it a street). He is going to be baptized the week after Brisa. His mom just signed the baptismal record and approves of him being baptized into the  Church. So we will be having some baptisms soon.
Ummm, it´s been cold down here (cold as in 40-50 degrees) but with the humidity you need a coat. It chills you to the bone. And since it is cold every makes this thing called torta frita. If you haven´t heard of it, which I doubt you have, this is how you make it: first, take a bowl of fat. Pig fat is most common, but cow fat will do. Next, mix it with leudante harrina (which is white flour that has fattening yeast thing in it), mix it with salt and water until it is a good consistency. Next, form them into a flat disc, which looks like a tortilla with a hole in the middle. Next, fry it in a gallon of oil. They make these by the dozen and give them to you. They put dulce de leche on it (we dont have it in the US but it´s a fattened chocolate syrup thing) and roll it up and eat it. For this reason, missionaries and the people gain a lot of weight. Believe it or not, torta frita tastes good. I havne´t eaten too much of it because you feel like poop after eating it.
Well, that´s it for now. The transfer ends tomorrow, there is a chance that I or Elder Solis could be leaving San Martin but I doubt either one of us will leave. I´m still in tons of pain and not doing too well. I am sorry to tell you that you will have to wait another week for the results. Thanks for your prayers though.

Elder Benson

ps. I saw Elder Morris in the MTC. That is crazy that he had to get back surgery.

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