Monday, May 6, 2013

Hahaha, man those stories made me feel a lot better. For real. I thought I was alone on this. Yeah I did talk to the mission president and I have been talking to a doctor. My back has been extremely painful. It´s been burning and it hurts so bad it´s hard to go to the bathroom (number 2 if you know what i mean). But,  mom,  the last thing you need to worry about is me coming home. If I come home, it´d be in a wheelchair or in a casket. Don´t worry about that. It is bad here sometimes but it definitely would be worse if I came home. The guilt would eat me alive and I would feel terrible.
Yes, I think we have Skype all figured out. I will look at Dad´s email and see what I need to do. Also I have my America First info for him. BUt, I am 100000% pumped to talk to you guys, and of course grandma and grandpa can come!!!
So, this week was better. We got money on our cards again, and I have been  eating and sleeping again. No more starving nights... I attached a picture of how big my belt got. When I left, I was on the last or 2nd to last, and now my belt is too big. haha, It still is terrible but, it is bearable now. I also saw Travis Clemon´s name on the incoming group for September or August. That was cool.
About the members, they don´t feed us every day but nearly everyday. One lady, Hermana Trinidad is an old lady whose husband died and lives by herself. She has us over every Saturday for lunch. She always tries to keep us there as long as she can, and she is very sweet. Then there´s the President who is a return missionary. He has been helping me with my spanish and I am helping him with his english. He loves to learn new words and talk to me.
So, right now...we still don´t have any real investigators. Well...progressing investigators. They are really hard to teach, and most can´t read. So it´s extremely frustrating to try to get anyone to do anything. They also have a siesta everyday and no one is awake and no stores are open.
I am absolutely pumped for the package. There could be nothing better right now...but there´s some things that you need to know. Half of the worth of everything in the box has to be payed at customs, and everything that you send me has to be in its original package. I can explain it more during our skype.
Last, before I end this email. I was reading in Alma 58 I think. This is the time of the Strippling Warriors. It talks about how none of them had ever faught before in their lives. Their mothers taught them not to doubt though, and they didn´t. The result is near the end of the chapter. It says that never before had men fought with such great strength and of course not one of them perished. Don´t doubt, and He will pull great huh?
WEll, it´s still rough, but it is getting better. My back honestly hurts so bad though. It´s not the walking, it´s the constant weight of the backpack that is killing me. But, I will get a chance to talk to you next week.

Love ya
Elder Benson

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