Monday, April 29, 2013

Ok, so I don´t know what to write about. All our investigators dropped us. We have no investigators right now. We eat lunch around 12 everyday, and we don´t eat again until 9:30. Imagine how hard that is for me especially...We don´t have money right now, and so most nights I just go to bed without eating again, or sometimes I´ll eat a raw tomato. (which also shows how hungry I am)

Yesterday after church I got up and threw up. I can hardly eat or drink and I am pretty sick. All last night I spent in the bathroom with the runs and upchucking.

Ah, well I can testify to you that this last week was actually 1 year disguised as a week. I don´t think time has ever gone by so ridiculously slow in my entire life.

To answer some of your questions, yes we wash our own clothes in a bucket. We also take showers with a bucket. Chickens are everywhere. They are in people´s homes, just everywhere. Also, yes it does rain a lot. It is extremely humid always and always about 95 degrees and this is invierno (meaning winter). Its definitely a little warm here. Even when there are no clouds, somehow it rains. It´s just that humid. If you look at the picture I sent you, that is the entrance to the town. That is how it looks here. There are dirt paths and random houses built in the trees. Also, the only reason we don´t get lost sometimes is because of the compass flashlight thing that rachel gave me. It is wonderful.
I have not the slightest clue why San Martin was white washed. They didn´t tell us. But, there aren´t very many people ready to listen here either so that may have something to do with it. But I will definitely finish my training here at the mininum. (9 more weeks)

Well, I´m not going to be writing anyone else back today. I´m just not feeling up to it. I almost didn´t write one home this week. I will try to get dad, rachel and jared. But that´s it for this week. Please keep me in your prayers. I just need to make it a little longer. Maybe something good will happen soon too

Elder Benson

Oh, ps, thanks for the pictures. They made me feel a lot better. I´m glad Jared likes his hat too. It made me really happy to hear.

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