Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey Guys!

Well I honestly don´t have a ton to talk about this week...It´s been
rough for sure. I honestly have to say this has been this hardest time
ever for me to stay sane. I can´t talk to anybody and everything here
is so different. Ha, as I walk down the street, I hear people call me
(in a nicely translated version) ¨there goes the crap of America¨ haha.
Ha, it´s very very frustrating right now. we have a couple of investigators right now, one Macarayna.
Who just dropped us yesterday and was supposed to be baptized on
Saturday. She is a 17 year old girl who definitely needed some Christ
in her life. So we are sad about that.

Next, is a 31 year old man who we asked for directions to someone
else´s house. He has a problem smoking, and we told him we could help.
His mom and him came to church yesterday and accepted baptismal dates
for the 11th of May. SO, that´s exciting!

Umm, also, I was studying in the scriptures this week for overcoming
challenges and how I can receive the help of God. I feel like everyone
always says that Christ will help you if you ask, and I betting I´m
not the first to ask why don´t I feel his help immediately when I am
trying so hard to follow every commandment and do according to His
will. I won´t bore you with the process, but basically I came to the
conclusion that you need to do your part first. After you´ve done
everything that you possibly can, he´ll be there to give you strength
that you didn´t have. It´s interesting, because your physical body can
only go so far. And, I´ve definitely hit the wall for that, but
somehow I keep putting one foot in front of the other and I keep
moving on. Sometimes I wake up and literally feel that I can´t do it,
but I knew that if I just did it, somehow I would have energy to do
what I needed to. Ha, it´s hard, and it has to be, but you´ll always
be able to do what the Lord commands. There is always a way, even if
you feel like stopping. So, that´s my little spiritual message for the

When you said that Cody Ridd is leaving, I thought that was insane. It
doesn´t seem like it should be time for that yet. Tell him good luck
and I´m proud of what he´s doing. It´s not easy to give up everything.

Also, did Jared get his birthday present?? My 100 day mark is on the
25th so keep that in mind as you are eating cake and ice cream....that
I´m in the middle of no where sweating, and eating  raw food...ha

Oh, which reminds me. We have a little step-o-meter thing, that tells
us how many kilometers we walk. Guess how many we walked in the last
week??? nope, i bet you were wrong. 174 kilometers in one week. Yes,
that is ridiculous! My feet are blistered from every toe to my ankles.
Ha, it´s terrible. My back hurts and now my hips hurt like crazy too!
It´s wonderful...haha, anyway. That´s it for now!
Love ya
Elder Benson

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