Monday, April 1, 2013

 I didn't get your package, (it comes straight to my apartment if it's the 6666 Chetwood, but if you sent it to the mission office in Sugarland then i won't see it till today) and there is bad news. We are moving today. We got called on Saturday and they told us that we are switching apartments and we don't even know where we are going. All we know is that we are leaving at 1 o'clock today. But, I'm sure we will be able to figure out how to get the package still so don't worry about that. We have no idea why or where, so I'll have to keep you posted on that. But, do NOT send anything else to 6666 Chetwood

 So, to be honest there isn't a ton to talk about this week. Easter was kind of lame, it was the exact same as every other day. Elsa is still pumped to be baptized and is set for the 13th still. Sonia, and her family aren't going to be able to make that date though...which is sad.

Oh that reminds me, we call every two weeks and ask about our Visas, and this week they wouldn't tell any of us. The other missionaries say that they do that when they come in because if they told us that we got them, they think some missionaries would become trunky and stay up late the night before. So I don't know, we could be leaving soon, but I really don't have too much of an idea right now.

Ha, oh yeah, on Thursday night I went on an exchange and I went into a new area for a day. We were planning to bike the whole day because we had a lot of area to cover. We woke up the next morning and my bike tire was flat, so we ended up having to walk from 12 to 4 to make our first appointment. Then walk back. We taught 1 lesson and walked 26 miles. Haha it was pretty good preparation for Argentina.

There also was a member that just moved into the ward, and she is from Formosa, Argentina. I told her that I was going to Resistencia in a couple weeks, and that Formosa was in my mission and she got so excited! She is having us over for lunch next Sunday for Conference. So, that should be really fun! I'm really excited to hear what she says about it! She doesn't speak any English, and her accent was hard to understand but it's good prep!

And about Helaman 5:12, I didn't even have to look it up because I've read it about 6,000 times in the last 2 and a half months. I couldn't agree more. I think that you should have the whole family memorize it. That is really great.

Also, I'm glad to hear that Jared, Jackson, and BJ will be ok with having a sleepover when I get back. I was worried that we maybe wouldn't be as close when I came back.

I was reading in Jesus the Christ the other day, (thank you Jim!) and I came across something that was really interesting to me. A lot of the times, when we receive a blessing, and it doesn't work miracles, it's not because of the person giving the blessing (it definitely can be) but it usually is the person's faith receiving the blessing. I think this applies to much more than that too. When you pray for something, or even in the this temporal world, we can only receive what our mind believes that it can. So, if you don't think that you have the energy to go to work, or go to school, you won't. If you don't think that you'll receive anything from prayer you won't. It's all concerning your own faith and belief. Anyway, that was really interesting to me. I feel as I get to know Christ better through studying his life and praying about him, my testimony in everything else got so much stronger.

I think that's it for now. Thanks for everything! I hope I get that package soon so I can send you some pictures!

Love ya bunches, try not to forget about me:)

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