Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey mom and family!

How are you guys??? That's great to hear about all that by the way I am pumped about Jared doing well in school. I hope you can find some good recipes and stuff because sometimes I just get stuck eating celery and eggs...haha speaking of which I only weigh 175 because we don't get to eat a lot down here. But, that'll change soon because we have a lot of members feeding us this week for Easter! Also, I haven't gotten your package yet so I will look for it.

Next, tell Grandma, Shanette, Kellene, and Michelle sorry I didn't email them or write them. Sometimes we get kicked out of the library because there are classes here and I don't get a lot of time to email.

Well, this week was a miracle week for sure. My companionship fasted to find some more people and prayed really hard. My area hasn't had a baptism for almost 3 years now so it hasn't been succesful. Anyway, we were in a complex called "Westward Square" (where a guy got shot in the head a couple weeks ago) trying to get a hold of one of our investigators. A lady, named Elsa, walked up to us and starting talking to us. It was obvious that she needed someone to just talk to. We didn't have anything better to do so we listened. She ended up telling us her dad died a couple days ago, and she was very upset. She told us to come by again when we had the chance. So, the next day we stopped by and talked to her about the blessings the church could bring her. She quickly accepted it and believed everything we said. I then invited her to be baptized and she is going to be baptized on the 13th of April and asked me to do it! So I am going to at least stay in Houston until then because I really care for this lady even though I hardly know her and I am so honored to baptize her.

Then, after that appointment, we left to one of our investigators named Sonia. She has been taking lessons for awhile and is progressing very well lately. Well, being "in the zone" I just decided to invite her to be baptized on the same date. We had just read 2 Nephi 31 where it talks about Jesus being baptized. She teared up and told us she knows she needs to and accepted the date too. I will also be baptizing her on the 13th. She has 6 kids, and 2 of them are over 8 and will be baptized soon too, but I probably won't be doing that. Anyway I am completley pumped about it. I can't even wait!

Then a couple days later we were at a less active member and her friend walked in and told us about how dumb she thinks the Catholic church is because they baptize babies. We told her what we believed and she accepted it very fast. She is pumped to know more about our church and we are going to teach her and extend a baptismal date tonight for the 13th or the 20th.

Then, we had a teenage member give us his friend as a referral who is taking lessons and loves to read the Book of Mormon. He soaks it all in like a sponge and on Wednesday we are going to invite him to be baptized too.

Which brings me to the spiritual message of this message. The miracle of prayer and fasting. We were reading in 3rd Nephi where the disciples of Christ are fasting and praying together. After they fasted and prayed Jesus showed himself to them and asked what they needed. We took that message to heart and gave it a try. I testify that this can happen to anyone because it happened to us. We could feel Christ asking us what we needed and as soon as we asked for it we were given it. Anything that you ask for in faith will be given to you. I am pumped, and everything is going great here now.

Well, I don't have too much else to talk about. I am going to try and email everyone back today. I am excited for the package;) haha love you guys! keep me posted!

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