Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey All,
Dad, what in the world happened to you?? Size 34?? You lost a ton of weight since I have been gone!! You are gonna be in better shape than me when I get back from this oil-infested food! =) haha that is so good! I'm glad that you have continued to work hard and are now reaping the rewards of your success. That is part of the reason I like to work out so much, is because I can see the results and then set more goals. Its exciting huh??=) Great job!
Also, I did talk to the doctor from Salt Lake, I told him that I could do the work here still but it was painful. Don´t worry, I'm not going anywhere for awhile. I have work to do.=)
Umm, I'm still having a lot of fun with Elder Amezcua but also, we had a poopy week. Saturday was the baptism of Mauro, and everything was set. His mom approved, he was excited, we bought food, we gave out invitations, we filled the font and everyone was there for his baptism and he didn´t show up. We went to his house and he his family were no where to be seen and we still haven´t been able to find them. So..that kind of sucked. ha,
Ummm, also I have some pictures of the area that I am going to send, so youll have a better idea of what it looks like. Also it was Elder Amezcua´s birthday on the 30th so we ate tacos that he taught me how to make. I have learned how to cook a lot of Mexican food. I'm going to be a champ when I come home. I can make tortillas, tacquitos, guacamole, picante sauce, churros, breakfat burritos, and some other authentic Mexican all from scratch! =) what?? haha it´s pretty fun.
Also, I was reading in the scriptures this week with a purpose of how I can help the people here. I learned a couple things. One if we want to help others, (including our family) we first have to have a love for them and see them as what they could become. This can only come through diligent reading and praying. Next, after we see them as our Heavenly Father would, we must seek for a specific way to serve that person. Every person is different and thus need different help. To find know how to serve them comes through prayer as well. Lastly, we need to follow through and act. Through this, we can strengthen their relationship with the Lord as well as our relation with them. That is my consejo for the week=)
SOoo...yeah my back hurts a lot. Keep praying for me please. Other than that, I am learning a lot and I now have 20 weeks in the mish! what? Time flies huh? haha, anyway love you bunches. And keep it up with the weight losing! That is great! =)

City of San Martin

San Martin

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