Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey mommy!

My ear doesn't hurt anymore, which is good but the hearing never quite came back. Then on tuesday I had a fever too, that got up to 103 degrees. So it has been hard for awhile, but there's a scriptures that says the blessing don't come until after the trial of your something better happen soon;) I can't believe everyone got that sick in our family though! That's crazy! I hope everyone feels better. Keep me updated.

I am loving all the things that your sisters are sending by the way. If it is a competition, Kellene wins so far because those rice krispy peanut butter chocolate bars were SO good. My district ate those so fast! Oh, and I would send a picture but I forgot the cord to upload pictures from my camera, and the computers are so blocked here I'm not even sure if you could.

My companion has been a pain in the butt. He faked sicked a couple days ago, and we caught him. He just got really tired and decided that he needed to sleep all day I guess. So I stayed in the room and wrote letters to everyone, including you guys. I thought it might be nice to get something handwritten. It also contains some more personal things I found while studying the scriptures. Since he faked sick though it has gotten better between us..I just can't wait until I'm out of the MTC and I get a new companion. ha

Everyone told me about how hard the mission would be before I left, and it is hard, but not in the way I thought it would be. Learning the language is frustrating. I want to be fluent but I'm not there and I'm struggling putting words together fast enough. Then during our study time I'm never quite sure what I should be studying because there is so much more I need to do. Then it's frustrating because when we are teaching lessons I want to teach with the Spirit as much as I can but there is a huge language barrier block, and then they tell us that if we are planning right and studying right we should have enough to say and be able to teach fine. So that leads me to think that I'm doing something wrong because as hard as I try I just can't do it. I've prayed and asked for help to be able to teach with the Spirit and learn the things I need to but I just must be doing something wrong because I can't get the hang of it...ah, I guess I just need some more practice though, and if I've been good at anything over the last couple years of my life it's been not giving up. So I'm sure it'll come if I keep at it.

I never told you guys about the people in my district either. There are some really cool kids, inlcuding one Samoan (Elder Sufia) that grew up in New Zealand. He is hilarious. He's tall and skinny which is kind of funny for a Samoan but he can sing like you wouldn't believe. It's funny though, because everytime someone compliments him on his voice, my companion sings as loud as he possibly can so that every can hear his voice...yes, it's annoying. Then there's Elder Poulton from Bountiful Utah, and his companion Elder Delgado from Cali. Elder Howlett from Idaho, then Sister Allred from Salt Lake City, Sister Patterson from California, Sister Jones from Las Vegas, and Sister Stoddard from Atlanta. They are all really good kids, except for the one...(my companion). haha

Our zone is awesome too. Our new zone leader, Elder Youngblood, is from Oregon and he is a decathlete too. He wants to come to BYU with me after his mission. Oh, and I set the MTC record for the most push-ups in one minute too at 108. There is a record for most total push-ups too, but it's only 126 or something so I'll be sure to go after that. The mile record is only 4:56 seconds too, so when I get time I think I'll try to beat that too.

I think that is about it. I love it when you guys send the Dear Elders because I get them during the week, but I also feel like I can't keep up with everything!

Everything is good here, I'm learning a ton! (in my handwritten letter you will see some interesting things) I'm grateful for all the letters and treats. I was wondering though if maybe you could get those mayo packets, tuna can, a can opener and paper bowls and plastic forks? ha, jk. That'd probably be too hard. It's great to hear from you guys tho! Keep me updated:)

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