Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey guys!

Dang! I can't believe that happened in the Superbowl! Dang 49ers were probably cheating some how..I'm glad Ray Lewis won his last Superbowl though!. Tell Jared to check his email, I'm going to send him his own email. That is really sad that the LeBaron's are leaving...Where are they moving to?

So pretty crazy week...pysch! I'm in the MTC. It doesn't really change. My ear is better though. I am starting to hear things from it again. My companion and I are getting along better than we were too. Which helps a lot, because I thought I was going to beat him up for a while.

Also, about the reading the scriptures. I know you (mom) read the scriptures I am just messing with you. It brings a lot of peace, and I believe you should start reading it again as a family because it blesses lives. It's interesting though, I don't feel the same about the Bible. It just doesn't feel as right, and 1Ne 13 it says that the Bible has had all the plain and precious things taken out of it. I would love to hear any insights that you and dad have though. I have all but time to read the scriptures in the MTC. haha Also, tell dad to tell me some of the things he found, because I am interested.

As for the people that I have seen here, I have seen Noah, Tanner Wither, Tanner Frandsen, Colton College (he was on my floor until he left) KJ Griffith, Braxton, Sam Perry, Eric Olenslagger, Josh Shipp, Tyler Shelton, Brandon Armstrong, and a couple others. So, yes. Lots of Lehi kids haha

My leaving date for Argentina was March 4 (6 full weeks here, because you leave on a Monday and they don't count the first half week). But as of two days ago they pushed it back to Feb 25. So I only here for 3 more week from today...which is insane. Our district's spanish is coming crazy fast though, and they decided to kick us out early. As for Spanish, I can't believe how fast I've caught on. I can teach a lesson without any notes, and understand 80% of the words they speak. I'm able to come up with things pretty fast and read the Spanish scriptures and understand everything with a few exceptions. So it is coming along very very well:)

Ha, I got the nickname "HE-MAN" down here. I almost set the mile's on a 160m track so it's hard to run fast because of the hard corners, but I ran 4:58 and the record is I will be going after that again. I'm always tired though, because I'm waking up at 5:30 to get an extra workout in, and then most nights I don't fall asleep until after 11. But, I'm still doing well right now. I had to weight myself for a "MOMENT OF TRUTH" which is where you weight yourself and see how much weight you've gained since you've arrived. I was haven't gained anything yet! haha

Also, tell dad he is doing great with his weight! That is so awesome. If he could just do some core when he wakes up and stretching before he goes to bed, it'll help him a ton too. That's great though! Keep it up!.

Also, I can open packages the day they arrive. Thank you soooooo much for the peanut butter and tuna and everything. It was easily the best thing I could've gotten...The only thing was I didn't have a bowl to make the tuna in. i was think next time you do that, you could get a bunch of mayo packets from Chik-fil-A or something and send those. Haha just an idea.

Last thing cuz I have about 1 min left on my timer. Since we are leaving early, and we might not be able to write our first week in Argentina they are letting us call home before we go to the airport. It only costs $5 and I can talk for a decent while. If that is something you want to gather the family for let me know. I think that'd be really fun. It'd be on Feb 25, but I will let you know exact time and date when I find out. I can't think of anything else at the moment. Everything else is going great.
That's it!

 Love you tons:)

Elder Benson

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