Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elder Benson arrives at the MTC

¡Hola Familia!

     This is Day 3 here in the MTC & it's going very well!  The food isn't too bad & I've found time to do my workouts throughout the day. Phew!  The days are packed full with language study & scripture study.  I'm loving staying busy.
     I have been put into a district with other Argentina msisionaries.  8 are going to Resistencia including 4 sister missionaries.  The other two in our district are going to Rosario.  Every one of them are awesome people.
     The 1st day I was put with my 1st companion, Elder Boyes.  He is from Corona, California.  He went to college to pursue a degree in music & arts.  He wants to be be an actor.  He grew up in music; he plays the piano a lot, & acts.  He never played sports... How opposite can companions be?  Haha, even so he is a very spiritual guy & tries to do the Nike cardio things with me in the morning.
     The lanuage is coming surprisingly quickly.  Elder Boyes & I study hard & push each other to learn the language & we are well ahead of what our teacher is teaching.  In the first day, we covered everything I learned in high school too.
     I now understand why so many missionaries gain weight in the MTC.  It's all-you-can-eat & the food is good.  There are so many desserts you couldn't possibly try them all. I've been very disciplined though & haven't eaten more than I need.
     Being in the MTC has actually been amazingly spiritual.  When the prophets said there are angels guarding the MTC he means it.  The temptations of the world are nearly non-existant.  It's easy to focus & the Lord blesses the faithful & obedient missionaries every chance He gets.  I've only slept 6 hours a night but have plenty of energy.  I've grown more in the last 3 days than in the last year of my life.  I can't wait for two years.
     Last thing, the Resistencia-Argentina mission now requires one more shot which I got here.  The "Yellow Fever" shot.  It cost $100 or something like that.  I just need you guys to move enough money to my checkings to pay for it.  You can just move it from my savings.  Thanks so much.
     I hope you guys are doing well.  This is the only letter I'll write, the rest will be email which will come on Monday, (my P day).  I'm doing great here.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Benson

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